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Like most homes in and around Colorado Springs, electricity is required to power up your appliances, electronic devices, lighting, and more. The electrical systems involved in powering up these devices or appliances in your home work to create small power surges and changes to the voltage patterns, which are easily received and managed by the devices to deliver the necessary power. There can also be other types of electrical surges that occur due to specific actions of your power company or a problem with the power lines or the transformers.

Additionally, when a large voltage surge occurs that is composed of thousands of volts, such as the event of a direct lightning strike, the results can be devastating. Your electronic devices, appliances, and electrical system itself may be damaged by a large surge or due to multiple or ongoing small surges.

The best way to protect your home and appliances is to talk to Comfort By Design about residential surge protection and the installation of a whole-house surge protector.

Surge Protection

Comfort By Design provides customized surge protection services to help to protect and extend the life of your electrical appliances, devices, and systems. One of the most effective options for electrical surge protection is whole home surge protection.

Our whole home surge protector installation includes mounting a surge suppressor at your breaker box or electrical panel. This system helps to reduce the surge before it reaches your home’s electrical system, providing advanced protection in the event of surges caused by the power company or lightning strikes.

To learn more about our surge protection services for your home in Colorado Springs, call Comfort By Design at 719-374-1776.

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