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Having working outlets throughout your Colorado Springs home makes it easy to have the power to use devices wherever they are needed. Unfortunately, outlets can become damaged, and faulty outlets can create a safety risk in your home.

Comfort By Design offers outlet repair services throughout the area. Our trained electricians will inspect and identify the problem, and make the necessary electrical outlet repairs needed to allow you to use the wall outlet safely.

Signs You Need Wall Socket Repair Services

The most common signs you need for electrical socket repair services include burn marks on the outside of the socket or a burning smell when items are plugged in. If the outlet or the cord feels hot to touch or you see a spark when plugging things in or taking plugs out, you need to call our electrical service professionals for electrical socket repair.

In some cases, a bad outlet may not be the only necessary electrical repair. There can be problems with wiring or with the electrical system that may create an increased risk for more problems or create safety concerns. Our professionals will take the time to address any concerns you may have and recommend the necessary repairs to keep your home’s electrical system safe.

When you have concerns about wall outlets in your home, including sockets that are not working or seem loose when plugging in electrical devices, call the team at Comfort By Design to handle your outlet service needs.

We are available throughout the Colorado Springs area to complete all of your electrical installation, maintenance, and repair services, including outlet repairs and replacement. To schedule an appointment, call us at 719-374-1776.

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