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In and around Colorado Springs, older homes built prior to 1950 may have outdated and potentially dangerous electrical wiring. Many of these homes would be categorized as heritage-style homes and were built when knob and tube electrical wiring was the only option.

The name itself describes the type of electrical wiring. With knob and tube electrical wiring, you will see small knobs (knobs can be ceramic knobs or porcelain knobs) or porcelain insulators and porcelain tubes (or ceramic tubes) that are inserted through beams to keep the wire from touching wood. The wires have rubber insulation, composed of a rubberized cloth fabric on the outside, and there is no ground wire in the electrical wiring.

Knob and Tube Replacement

With no ground wire and the white and black wires running separately, homeowners need to complete knob and tube wiring replacement to accommodate any appliances or devices with a three-prong plug. With knob and tube wiring, it is essential to avoid using any electrical devices in areas where water is present. This includes around the kitchen sink area or in the bathrooms as the risk of electric shock makes it extremely dangerous.

Rewiring knob and tube electrical systems and navigating towards modern wiring is also important to reduce the risk of fire and electrical problems in the home. The old wiring can become hot, particularly if the rubberized cloth on the outside of the wire degrades and no longer provides any insulation or protection.

Our experienced, licensed electricians provide a full range of knob and tube wiring services for older homes in and around Colorado Springs. Upgrading your home to a new electrical system is not only a safety feature, but it also allows you to use modern appliances and devices in your home.

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