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A popular addition to any home in Colorado Springs is a hot tub. Hot tubs are great for enjoying time relaxing and unwinding any time of year. While many homeowners choose a do-it-yourself hot tub installation process, it is important to have professional hot tub wiring services to ensure your safety and that the system is correctly wired.

It is always important to have hot tub electrical installation completed by a licensed electrician. There are specific regulations in the National Electrical Code that require specific wiring protocols to ensure safety. This does depend on the type of hot tub, with a 110V model requiring a basic outlet that may already be present on the exterior of your Colorado Springs home. Professional electricians can help you avoid electrical issues and assist you in figuring out what type of electrical wiring and electrical outlets are best for your hot tub and home.

Running the Necessary Wiring

A 220V model will require an electrician to complete the hot tub wiring installation. An additional breaker is typically required, and the wiring must be run from the electrical panel to the location of the hot tub.

Faulty wiring to a hot tub increases the potential for injury. Wiring issues could cause electrocution for anyone in the hot tub if the wiring is not correctly installed and the connections to the hot tub are protected from exposure to water. Other dangers include incorrect wiring of pumps, underwater lighting, or filters that may be part of the hot tub system.

Avoid electrical danger and allow our electricians at Comfort By Design complete your hot tub panel wiring services for your safety and peace of mind. To schedule a service appointment, give us a call at 719-374-1776.

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