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There is something magical about the look of holiday lights on homes, especially in the Colorado Springs area. Most homeowners take pride in creating a custom look to their home, including the use of trendy or classic options in holiday lighting and decorations to showcase their special events and holiday spirit.

However, outdoor holiday lighting can be time consuming and difficult to complete on your own. Climbing up and down ladders in the cold is also dangerous, and every year people end up with injuries from falls or slips.

To avoid these issues but to ensure you get the outdoor lighting that perfectly matches your holiday decorations, call on the team at Comfort By Design for professional holiday lighting installation. You provide the lighting and we will be your light installers. This means that we will also install tree lighting, event lighting, and other lighting productions that require our assistance. And don’t worry, if we put them up, you can also call on us to take them back down for you.

Holiday Light Hanging Service

Our team is here to provide holiday lights installation service at your convenience. Call the office and schedule a time that works for you, and our professional holiday lighting team will arrive as requested to turn your home into a beautifully decorated light show with the lights you provide.

Unlike some holiday lighting companies, we have on-staff electricians available to provide consultation or troubleshoot any problems with the systems. Our team works closely with our customers to get the perfect look for your home year after year.

Before getting out the ladder and equipment needed for holiday light installation, give Comfort By Design a call. Schedule your holiday lighting services at 719-374-1776 and sit back and relax.


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