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Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces have been a mainstay in American homes since the mid-1900s. While the technology has advanced in that time, units do still require replacement. These forced air heating systems have been trusted and installed by our team for years. Comfort by Design are the gas furnace installation experts of Colorado Springs. Quickly assessing the current gas system of the property coupled with a deep understanding of the newest furnace models ensures efficient and safe installations each and every time.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces, or Forced Air Heating, has become a popular choice for many Colorado Springs residents. Quieter, smaller, and with less environmental impact, residential electric furnaces have gained a lot of traction in the HVAC industry. Comfort by Design stays on top of the trends and we are happy to bring you up to speed as well. We will help determine whether your home is a good fit for an electric furnace and how best to approach installation

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