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Residents of Colorado Springs are often choosing the latest in technology that offers environmentally friendly options and solutions. Electric vehicles are increasingly popular in the area, and Comfort By Design is here to provide electric vehicle charger installation, maintenance, and repair of electric car charging stations in the home.

While most electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged using the EVSE or electric vehicle supply equipment cable, this is a slow process. Adding EV-Charging infrastructure, or electric charging stations to the home provides faster, more efficient charging that meets vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

Professional Installation of EV Charging Stations

Comfort By Design’s trained, licensed, and experienced technicians and electricians will complete the installation of the electrical panel required for your EV charging stations. This ensures the charging station is installed according to building codes and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In many cases, particularly in homes, we will have to upgrade the wiring and power access in the garage or carport area to accommodate the charger. This is no issue for our team of professionals and we will work diligently to assure safety and optimal efficiency of charging and wiring.

We also work with businesses in the area interested in adding EV charging stations for their employees and customers. These commercial charging stations must be installed accurately and correctly to prevent business liability. As the use of electric vehicles grows, businesses, companies, government agencies, and even school campuses will need to continue to expand their banks of charging stations.

Hiring our professionals for both EV charger installations and maintenance of EV charging services in and around Colorado Springs ensures the process is completed to exact specifications and with great attention to detail.

To schedule an appointment for EV charging station installation, troubleshooting, or repairs, call us at 719-374-1776.


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