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Comfort By Design is a locally owned company in Colorado Springs that is highly focused on providing you with a wide variety of services to fit all of your home comfort needs. In addition to HVAC and indoor air quality services, we also offer a full range of electrical services.

We specialize in all aspects of electrical services, from installation to repairs and troubleshooting your home’s electrical system. This includes providing electrical panel services throughout the Colorado Springs area.

Electrical Panels

The electric panel is a critical aspect of your home’s electrical system, as it is the source of your electrical power. It is sometimes known as the circuit breaker box or circuit breaker panel. It is where the power from the main line comes into your home, goes through the breakers, and then is transmitted throughout the house by electrical wires.

It is important to ensure the electrical service panel is in good, working condition. Signs of problems can include constantly tripping breakers, sparks, or burning odors around the panel. Sometimes the panel may make unusual sounds, and all of these are signals that you need to consider electrical panel repair or perhaps a complete electrical panel replacement.

At Comfort By Design, we also provide electrical panel upgrade services. This is typically recommended if the current panel is more than 20-25 years old. We can remove the old panel and provide installation of a new electrical panel, ensuring your home’s new electrical system is safe and working optimally.

If you have questions about your home’s current electrical panel or electric system, call our expert electricians at Comfort By Design. We will set out as quickly as possible to inspect your electrical panel and provide any repairs or replacements that are required to keep you safe. For more information, or to book a service, reach us at 719-374-1776.

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